Fingerprint Identification Solutions

State-of-the-art algorithms with awarded accuracy, standard compliance and sensor interoperability

We offer best-in-class fingerprint recognition algorithms for desktop, mobile and embedded applications. Our technology has been successfully deployed all around the world and is well-known to work well in the field, especially in harsh conditions.

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Fingerprint SDKs

What makes us unique

Our technological advantage

Proven technology

Performance guaranteed by the most relevant benchmark, NIST MINEX III.


Full ISO/ANSI compliance for biometric data interchange with other systems.

Sensor independence

Our algorithms are independent from the technology used to capture fingerprints.

Easy integration

Available for Windows, Linux, Android, embedded platforms and secure elements.

Algorithms for

Biometric cards

Thanks to many years of strong efforts in R&D, we can offer fast and accurate fingerprint recognition algorithms for embedded devices, wearables, IoT and biometric cards.

Centralized identification

Automated Fingerprint Identification System

Our AFIS solution embeds our state-of-the-art fingerprint identification algorithms. This ensures the strongest defense against approbation of identity, use of false identity, identity theft and impersonation.

We produce innovative

Biometric Hardware

We have designed a range of biometric hardware for quick integration of fast and accurate fingerprint identification technologies into embedded systems, personal computers, mobile devices and smart cards.

Biometric hardware readers


id3 devices for fingerprint image capture in security applications such as control access.

Biometric hardware OEM module

OEM Modules

Embedded modules dedicated to integrators looking for ready-to-use biometric solution.

Biometric hardware microcontroller


Controllers with embedded fingerprint recognition API for a custom biometric solution.

Biometric hardware sensor


Most accurate and reliable fingerprint sensors for all applications.