Face Recognition SDKs

Algorithms and toolkits for face detection, verification and identification

Our face recognition SDKs are based on the most advanced techniques in the field of artificial neural networks and machine learning. It provides uncompromised performance, both in term of speed and accuracy.

High accuracy

Reliably detect and identity human faces in a photo or video.

Small face descriptor

Our face descriptor is only 256 bytes for easy storage in any ID document or database

High recognition speed

Find a person in less than one second in a collection of over one million faces.
Face recognition SDKs - id3Face Dialogs

id3Face Dialogs

id3Face Dialogs provides a simple and reliable means of integrating portrait acquisition and face recognition into your Windows application. Our SDK (Software Developer’s Kit) reduces the complexity of capturing high quality portraits and authenticating a user with face recognition to a few lines of code.
Face recognition SDKs - id3Face Toolkit

id3Face Toolkit

With id3Face Toolkit, you can integrate our state-of-the-art face recognition technology promptly and with little effort. We offer a set of API with documentation and various examples in several programming languages that help you embed face capture, verification and identification capabilities into your system. It only takes minimal development time.
Face recognition SDKs - id3Face MOC

id3Face MOC

id3Face MOC is a facial recognition algorithm specifically designed and optimized for card-based systems. It offers the same biometric accuracy as server-based systems but with enhanced privacy as the reference face data remains on the card.