Fingerprint Modules

OEM modules with embedded biometric API
Fingerprint Modules

Our fingerprint modules embed powerful id3 algorithms with extraction and matching features available with a wide range of different sensor technologies.

Main advantages


Last generation fingerprint recognition algorithms for embedded system applications.

Biometric API

Embedded biometric API includes matcher and fingerprint extractor features.



Complies with the international standard for biometric data interchange with other systems.

Low power design

Perfect choice in a wide range of applications such as battery operated mobile equipment.

Easy integration

Simple protocol for either serial TTL or USB interface eases the access to the module.

Multiple Sensors

Variant products available for a selection of different sensor vendors and technologies.


ID3-M1000 Series

The ID3-M fingerprint modules are dedicated to manufacturers and system integrators searching for a reliable and easy-to-integrate fingerprint recognition system. The modules embed id3 algorithms ideal for embedded applications where security and performance are required.